Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Man Monday

Dear Little Man,

Today would be a great momma/son day! You'll have to be in my heart instead.  Today I am planting seeds in hoping of starting a garden. I am picturing your tiny fingers poking the holes in which to place the seeds. I know you would help me with the watering can and we would spill a little on the counter.  You should know I am not that good at gardening. But I think we would have fun together.

Grandma and Great-Grandma are also coming in to town today. We're going to do lunch and, although it's a lady lunch, I am pretty sure we would welcome you to our table with open arms. I know we would! They both can't wait to meet you, to the point it's over the top. You always come up in conversation when we are all together.  With all of us ladies in one cities, you know we would spoil you rotten. As if that's not going to be a regular occurrence.

Yesterday was Easter and I got to see lots of beautiful kiddos in darling clothes learning about Jesus. I look forward to waking you up and hearing you say "He is risen!" I got to teach the littles yesterday and it's pretty much my favorite thing to teach littles about Jesus' love for us. I know it will be even better when it's you!  Don't think we'll wait til Easter--we'll tell the story of Jesus all the time. But Easter is a special day of remembering. No doubt we'll remember together.

And of course, I can't wait to dress you in adorable Easter clothes.  Suspenders, bow ties, seersucker. Easter is for sure about Jesus. But I still want to celebrate with some cute clothes for you! As everyone walked the halls in their hats and cute Easter shoes and suits, I often thought of what you'd be wearing in future years. Will you like hats or throw them off? Will you be into matching your mama or will you only want to wear pajamas? We'll make it work and learn together.

Love you, little man. Thinking of you and loving you always!