Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is Why I Don't Play Ultimate Frisbee

Interesting title? Let me explain. Last night, against my better judgment, I went with Eric to Stankowski field to play ultimate frisbee. We played for about two hours when, out of nowhere, a kid threw a hammer throw directly at my head. The frisbee crashed into my mouth, I hit the deck, and Eric found my tooth laying on the green field. I am now the owner of a busted lip and I have some 'dental super glue' holding my front tooth into my mouth.

The good news is that I have the best dentist ever. Eric and I rushed to get some milk where I could throw my tooth. Then we called Dr. Miller. He met us at his office (at nine pm, mind you) and proceeded to fix my tooth without delay. I was amazed at his kindness. I am going back in today to have it "buffed." Eventually I will need a crown overlay on the tooth.

As we left the scene of the crime, so many emotions were running through me. I was embarrassed for being the girl that didn't see the frisbee and paid the price. I was terrified of what actually occured. Worst though, is that I was also angry and frustrated that some object could have hurt my precious tooth. I felt incredibly vain. My pride actually hurt more than the nerves in my tooth. It's a tooth, right? I mean, it doesn't define who I am. I was born with it, and although I have worked to keep my teeth nice, it's not something I can really credit to my hard work that I have nice teeth. Genetics and dentistry have made my teeth nice, not my talents and abilities. Yet, in all of this, all I could think was how much pride I take in having nice teeth. I have always (well since my multiple dental surgeries and braces and professional whitening in adolescence) been 'the girl with the good teeth.' Last night, that was taken away for a moment. I was a jack-o-lantern. It terrified me. When I realized how upset I was over something that was entirely physical-appearance-based, I became somewhat ashamed. I know it's important to take care of yourself and protect your body since it's the only one you get. Last night though, I realized how much my entire life is really all about me. Not in a good way.

So where do we go from here? Well, I am praying that God will change my priorities and make me more like him. I am also praying that dental insurance will prove its worth in the next few months. You can barely tell, except for the busted tooth, that I had a decently traumatic experience last night. Hopefully, it will change me on the inside.

Here's to boasting in the works of Christ and not in physical appearance.

Monday, May 12, 2008

No Finals for Me!

So Summer is quickly approaching. Although I am done with my Lenten Promise, I am going to try to start blogging again for my personal benefit. Yes, I am reading celebrity gossip again. But, hopefully I can still have insights in life.

First, Mother's Day was uneventful for us, with Pete, Eric, and I going to eat at Houlihan's and then hanging out at the Rec Center Pool. It was lovely. We did call Mom but she was asleep.

I got to spend some lovely time at "3 G Weekend" in Canton with Mom and Grandma. Mom and Grandma bought me some great shoes, a swimsuit, and some other great stuff. It was good just to spend some time with my mom and grandma and nobody else. I don't know how long it's been since that has happened. My gifts were appropriately "Thank-God-You're-Not-A-Mother's Day" gifts. Hopefully it will be a while before I can celebrate that holiday.

I have been watching all of the students prepare for finals. It's a funny feeling. I remeber feeling so stressed and uncertain during finals. Senior year in particular was a perilous time. Looking back now, I am so glad it is over. It really seems that every single incident in college is such a bigger deal than it becomes in the "real world." I try to be supportive and remember how dificult it really was. The lifestyle change is so huge--what a difference one year makes for post-college grads. There were parts of college I loved but I don't think I could ever go back. I will take stress-free weeks in May and going to bed at 10PM thank you very much. Good luck to all my college friends. You, too, will soon become old. And you, too, will learn to love it.

Discombulated post, but it's good to be back. Here's to a sunny day in May with no finals and no studying.