Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is Why I Don't Play Ultimate Frisbee

Interesting title? Let me explain. Last night, against my better judgment, I went with Eric to Stankowski field to play ultimate frisbee. We played for about two hours when, out of nowhere, a kid threw a hammer throw directly at my head. The frisbee crashed into my mouth, I hit the deck, and Eric found my tooth laying on the green field. I am now the owner of a busted lip and I have some 'dental super glue' holding my front tooth into my mouth.

The good news is that I have the best dentist ever. Eric and I rushed to get some milk where I could throw my tooth. Then we called Dr. Miller. He met us at his office (at nine pm, mind you) and proceeded to fix my tooth without delay. I was amazed at his kindness. I am going back in today to have it "buffed." Eventually I will need a crown overlay on the tooth.

As we left the scene of the crime, so many emotions were running through me. I was embarrassed for being the girl that didn't see the frisbee and paid the price. I was terrified of what actually occured. Worst though, is that I was also angry and frustrated that some object could have hurt my precious tooth. I felt incredibly vain. My pride actually hurt more than the nerves in my tooth. It's a tooth, right? I mean, it doesn't define who I am. I was born with it, and although I have worked to keep my teeth nice, it's not something I can really credit to my hard work that I have nice teeth. Genetics and dentistry have made my teeth nice, not my talents and abilities. Yet, in all of this, all I could think was how much pride I take in having nice teeth. I have always (well since my multiple dental surgeries and braces and professional whitening in adolescence) been 'the girl with the good teeth.' Last night, that was taken away for a moment. I was a jack-o-lantern. It terrified me. When I realized how upset I was over something that was entirely physical-appearance-based, I became somewhat ashamed. I know it's important to take care of yourself and protect your body since it's the only one you get. Last night though, I realized how much my entire life is really all about me. Not in a good way.

So where do we go from here? Well, I am praying that God will change my priorities and make me more like him. I am also praying that dental insurance will prove its worth in the next few months. You can barely tell, except for the busted tooth, that I had a decently traumatic experience last night. Hopefully, it will change me on the inside.

Here's to boasting in the works of Christ and not in physical appearance.

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