Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summit Here We Come

It's late. I am tired. Seven hours in the car but we are at Orphan Summit!  It starts tomorrow.

Things I already love about Orphan Summit:

*lots of organizations I love in one spot and the time for me to meet people I've only emailed
*agency people in one spot and the ability to put faces with names and emails
*re-connecting with friends I only connect with via social media and/or reconnecting with people I've only met through other conferences but feel super connected to

Things I am Looking Forward to:
*Staying "connected" to this adoption. Sometimes it seems so far away
*Getting new ideas and becoming re-energized about our orphan ministry
*shopping (hey--I'm honest:))
*hearing from some super passionate adoption supporters

Basically, as my friend put it, adoption conferences give you the opportunity to share time with people whose heart beats the same way yours does.

I can't wait to share what I've learned. And if you're going to be there bright and early tomorrow, would you give me a comment! Can't wait to connect.

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