Friday, June 20, 2014

Home For 1 Week: Where Are We Now?

Welp. Tonight we will have been home one week. One week away from the cute guy that stole our hearts. So I figured I'd give you the update on how close we are to getting back to him and bringing him home on the "jet" as kids there said. Apparently airplane is not the word they learn? I move on...

I don't know if I ever explained all the steps needed to bring IC home. So here's a quick rundown:
  • pass court in Ethiopia
  • wait for court decree
  • translate court decree to English
  • use court decree to get birth certificate
  • use birth certificate to apply for passport
  • get passport
  • go to embassy medical appointment
  • do final once-over of all immigration documents
  • submit documents to embassy for approval
  • wait for clearance email and set up flights and an interview date in Ethiopia
  • hang out a few days in Ethiopia as they process IC's visa
  • fly home with our cutie!!
As you can see, we are moving along in our steps. Thanks for praying! Keep praying we can get that passport and medical appointment done quickly.

On a state-side note, I took IC's birth certificate, along with a thick packet of paperwork, to register him for school yesterday. I didn't really want to have to add that to the list of things we'll have to do when we gets home. So I just went for it. I filled out all the paperwork as best I could (there were lots of blanks and question marks!) and headed off to the elementary school.

Our district does English language learning cluster schools. I actually didn't go to the school he will attend. I went to our home school. When I told them our situation, they told me he would have to be tested to make sure he qualified to be placed in an ELL school. However, after going through his extensive English vocab (which is mostly mom, dad, I love you, thank you, Batman, and Angry Birds) they agreed with me he would most likely go to the language learning cluster school. I have to share that I got really nervous! I felt like it was part of my indoctrination into mommyhood! I was so nervous they were going to shoo me out or tell me I was doing it all wrong. Luckily, the staff was SO incredibly nice to me and congratulated me on the adoption. While he's not 100% registered, I feel good about the fact that I was able to "blend in" as a big-kid mom and had a good first experience with the school. 

I shared my foray into elementary-school mommyhood on Facebook and got great support. It warmed my heart to see how many mamas were cheering me on and even offering their kids as little English mentors to IC. We feel very blessed that his school specializes in English language learners and the kids there are used to helping out their non-English speaking friends. I know God's placed him in the right spot.

On the "nesting" side of things we are making progress. Not as much progress as I would like but we're working on it. He has a bed. His mattress is on the way. My goal this weekend is to paint his furniture. It's so surreal after three years of putting off preparations it's finally time to hurry and do it all!! I'm thrilled and overwhelmed but so glad I waited. It's definitely keeping me busy as I wait for the little man.

I'm hoping I can come back next week with a few more "to-do's" ticked off the list. This family is ready to add a little boy!


  1. I think I remember reading somewhere that you registered at Toys R Us and Amazon. How does one check that out? Would I just go to Amazon and type in your name? Oh, and I keep is your last name pronounced?

    1. Hi Kristi! We registered at Amazon and Target. If you wanted, yes, you could just go to the registry and put our names in on either of those sites. But no pressure there! We are so, so loved and grateful.