Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings from Graduate Schoollandia

Yes, it's been months. I've missed you, blog. I will keep myself from going back into the past two months. Instead, this week is more than enough to share.

Students all over campus started on Monday, and as I watched them scurry from class to class, a small knot formed in my stomach. This not was a little odd to me, as I had already spent four years on the campus as an undergraduate. Knowing the tests and papers were my responsibility this year was a little more than I was used to.

So, moving to Tuesday. At 7PM (after grabbing a coffee because I am not used to being up so late) I sashayed into my first class. Luckily, I knew about 5 people in the class and my advisor taught it. I have to say, I can't wait for the material! I feel like it will apply to my current life in a major way. On the other side of that coin, I am a tad bit nervous about the work component. Don't get me wrong--I am pumped for the projects. I just unwrapped my APA 6th edition, however, and the realization that I have not written a paper in 3 years definitely hit me hard. I am going to need a little brush-up.

I have one more class to go this evening and then only 2 more years.

As I re-introduce myself to life as a student, Hubby has been more than busy with his new endeavors. We see each other just long enough to train for our half marathon each night. Hopefully this will settle down soon.

Boring, I know. I will try to be more entertaining in the near future. Momma and I are thrilled to be joining the drove of ladies at the Beth Moore Simulcast this weekend. Can't wait!

Here's to classes, papers, and journal articles galore!

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