Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things That Go Bump in the Mid-Morning

We were fortunate to be part of the hottest wedding I have ever seen this weekend. I don't mean hot like P-Ditty was there (though, that might have been fun). I mean hot, like--it's 100 degrees in the STL Botanical Gardens and so let's postpone the wedding for 40 minutes while the groomsmen meander in from getting ready--hot. Yes, it was so hot, the groomsmen actually sweat through all three layers of their tuxes. In fact, it was so hot, the other wedding at the garden that day moved their ceremony inside because of the heat advisory. Now if you know my charming male companion, you know that he's a bit of forehead sweater. On this day, who could blame him. Poor thing was soaked. The heat didn't stop it from being a charming wedding. Check it out:

Hot Groomsmen

Hot Husband

Hot Bridal Party

Not-So-Hot Hair on a Hot Couple

Yes, it was lovely. And most importantly, Evan and Dorina ended the occasion as husband and wife.

To celebrate the next day, Hubby and I got coffee and took some time driving through K-Wood. And then, bam! We got hit on our driver's side. No one was injured but our darling truck (to the tune of hundreds of dollars). Luckily, I have amazing parents. On their 29th wedding anniversary, they picked us up and left us a vehicle. We will be picking up Trixie the Tacoma later in the week after she gets some work done.

Thank goodness for great parents. I promised them that for their 39th anniversary, they could spend it not helping their children. No guranatees:-).

Here's to marriage!

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