Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Probability of Updating My Blog Equals the Sum of My Homework Divided By the Time I Have

My statistics course is in full bloom and I am enthralled. Enthralled is the wrong word. Ensnared. There it is. Yes, I am one and a half weeks into educational statistics. Only two and a half weeks to go. It feels weird to be a student again, and I am reminded of all the habits I had three years ago in the classroom. Texting, kicking my feet up on the seat in front of me. Yeah, I was one of those girls. I am trying hard, as a grad student, to set a good example. It doesn't mean I am always naturally inclined to do so. I will say that I spend a lot more time on assignments and out-of-class readings than I used to.

Now that I have started classes, Hubby has taken to doing more around the house. It's miraculous! He voluntarily does hundreds of loads of laundry and folds it. He mops floors. He cleans the kitchen. When I try to help, I get the, "oh no, honey. You should study. Let me do this." Let me just say that I am staying in school forever. I jest, I jest. But really, he is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Last week was not only my first week of class, but it was also our church's Kids Club. We create our own summer kids' curriculum, so we don't call it VBS. We try to make it more of a camp for kids. This year was medieval themed, and we did all we could to make the kids laugh, play, and learn about Jesus as the true king. Exhibit #1

Yes, that is my dashing knight-of-a-husband dressed as a knight. Our group called him "Sir Baked Potato." He could barely move. It was all fun and games until he allowed the kids to remove the aluminum foil, revealing that he was a sweaty mess underneath. Here was the kids response:

"Oh cool, we get to tear the aluminum foil off!"

"Wait, why is it wet... (several seconds) Ew! Gross! It's sweat!"

Yeah, it was highly entertaining. Hubby also came in second in the Medieval Food Fear Factor. And I did not kiss him until he had thoroughly brushed the taste of head cheese out of his mouth.

Looking forward to a good weekend at my parents' house. I will try to update again soon, but that all depends on the probability that I understand probabilities without complications. You get the idea.

Here's to education.

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