Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sick Days: Then vs. Now

Yesterday, unfortunately, I had to take a sick day. I was definitely under the weather and needed a day to rest. Which got me to thinking--I used to love sick days when I was a kid. Even if I was super sick, I just loved being at home, watching tv shows I was probably too old to watch, and enjoy some time away from school. Don't get me wrong--I loved school, but the occasional day of resting and feeling better--well, I loved that too.

Then: stayed home any time I could
Now: Avoid sick days at all costs--have to have a major issue to stay home

Then: Mom stayed home and took care of me and I loved it
Now: No one stays home with me and I love it (although hubs does take care of me)

Then: watched the Disney Channel for shows

Now: Watch Scrubs or anything else Netflix will play while I lounge, unable to move

Then: Lipton Noodle Soup, nothing else would do
Now: Hubs made some delicious homemade soup, nothing else will do

Then: got bored, watched TV I didn't like (because I had 3 channels)
Now: get bored (yeah right), get on Facebook

Then: hated that my body forced me to sleep
Now: can't get enough sleep and love each and every minute I get on sick days

So, yeah, hate being sick. Love me some extra sleep. Glad I feel better but I definitely used up the rest.

Any favorite sick day rituals?

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