Friday, June 3, 2011

If You're Wondering What I've Been So Busy Doing...

The life of a Kids Club church intern is not glamorous.  Well, unless you think washing rocks in your bathtub is glamorous.  It is pretty darn rewarding, though.  I've been busting hiney trying to get things ready for around 500 kids and 400 adults to eat, play, and learn about our eternal home in heaven.  I've been thinking of the blog but just haven't gotten to posting. Since Kids Club is next week, expect more of the same.  To give you a taste of what I've been doing in my absence, I give you...

My Life in iPhone pictures (insert trumpet blast here)

Why not put a bunch of rocks in your bathtub to clean them? All in a Saturday's work.

Pretty awesome that hubs agreed to help.  Check out that awesome bath water. Hop in, kids! Just kidding.
Clean and ready to be painted! What's that you say? Painted?

Yes, painted!  Spray painting rocks for a fun preschool game.

Rocks are painted and ready to go!
We did some light shopping for Kids Club last weekend.  Just a few odds and ends.
Then we tried to put it in the car.  Um...maybe we didn't think this through?

I love being a Kids Club intern!

 I'll try to visit the blog in the next week but I'll be holding down two full time jobs, so no guarantees.  I can't wait to see these kids and to share Jesus with them!

Here's to Kids Club!

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  1. You rock Jess! I love the picture of the buckets... yes, the last one... you know where they are on your head. I LOVE the pictures of the rock cleaning. If I am ever in charge of preschool crafts again, I will definitely have to think through if the intern is strong enough to handle my requests! I'll be thinking of you as we glitter paint our moon rocks!!! Thanks again. You're the bomb!!!!!!la