Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet Gabby

**Please note: we realize how crazy this makes us.  But that's what we love about our little family--that we are the same kind of crazy**

Sleepless nights, timed feedings, wondering if the madness will ever end.  We're there.

No, Gabby is not our new child.  Well, in the sense you may be thinking.  Gabriela Philip is our new puppy.  (Hubs just HAD to put Philip as a name--even when we found out our new pup was going to be a Lady Dog).  Gabby entered our lives two weeks ago, shortly after our home study visit.  She is currently a nine week old boxer puppy.  Her favorite activities are chewing on her Tiger (she's already a Mizzou fan), sleeping any time but during the night, snuggling on the couch, driving Rigo crazy, and running around in the back yard.  Her least favorite activities are being barked at by Rigo, sleeping during the night, being on a leash. She hasn't quite figured that one out yet.

In the two weeks we've had her, Gabby has gone from being smaller to taller than Rigo.  Rigo is kind of an old man, and he's not completely amused by our new addition.  They are making strides, however, and we think they will be friends in no time.  Our goal: to have a bff for Rigo so he's not so alone on that day down the road when we become parents.  Oh yeah, and Hubs has always wanted a big dog.  Enjoy some pics of our new girl:

 Please note how Rodrigo is no where near her.  This is not an accident on his part.

 Trying to be civil.

 Trying to train her in the art of fashion like her older brother.

 We have a lot of pictures of her sleeping.  Let me assure you she does a lot more than sleep--we just have to chase after her when she's moving.

Yes, she's our cute little girl

 Adjusting to the harness

 Holding her favorite toy but looking a little guilty

We're looking forward to nights we can sleep more but we couldn't be happier to have added to our family before we add to our family!

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  1. Adorable! And I don't think you're crazy... I think having a playmate for your dog when you bring a child home is a great idea.