Saturday, July 16, 2011

Potter Mania

You may know I am a Harry Potter fanatic.

The kind that has read all the books. Twice. And wants to read them again.

The kind that stopped watching the middle movies because they were leaving too much out but returned triumphantly to find I loved them just the same.

The kind who goes to the 12:01 premiere of new films (now that I'm watching them again).  Not the kind, however, who dresses up for the films. That's an extreme I don't know.

The kind who live-tweets the premiers with photos and commentary.

You may or may not have heard the final installment of the Harry Potter series arrived in theaters at 12:01 July 15. Naturally, Hubs and I also arrived at theaters at 12:01 July 15. That's a lie. We got there at 9:10 p.m. and hung out with the Potterheads for three hours.  It was a joyous occasion. If you've never been to a midnight showing, the atmosphere is almost indescribable.  There's a sense of camaraderie you don't get at the matinee.  We laugh together. We cry together. We cheer together.  And, as BooMama would say, I clapped my hands in glee more than once.  I typically think of the clapping hands thing as a southern thing but apparently, no, all people can enjoy the spontaneous joy-clap.  It was just delightful.  I will be sad not to share the joy with the other crazies anymore.  Because I feel sorry for anyone who didn't get to see the mania, I am bringing the mania to you.  Enjoy the photos.

Me, preparing to see Harry while I was at my office that day.  The hat belonged to my executive assistant.  I have no idea why he had this hat in the office but I was happy to entertain him by wearing it.

Two young men dressed at Death Eaters in the parking lot.

Hermione and Mad-Eye.  Never mind that Mad-Eye died in the last movie.  Whoops, Spoiler alert!

I am pretty sure this friend just wanted an excuse to face paint. And who can blame her, really?

Luna Lovegood and her father, I believe.

And finally, Hubs and I getting ready for the film.  How fun that they made special Harry Potter 3d glasses for the occasion?  Psyched, I tell you.  Totally psyched.

Lest you be thinking, oh Jess, this is what everyone does, I took it a step further.  Yes, I went on the local news on a G+  chat to share my reactions on the film.  If you're thinking I sound a little out of it, just remember, I had had about three hours of sleep.

The Potter journey is over but it was a great time.  I can't wait to read the books to my kids.  Until then, I guess I'll hide my freak flag back in my pocket til I find a new reason to fly it:).

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