Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Leaving My Pity Party

So, I don't post a lot about work. And in general, I try not to post negative comments. But recently, work has been hard. Just, hard. It's been easy for me to sit around and wallow.

Because, you know, the first thing everyone wants to hear in an economy where it's an extra special blessing to have a job is how hard your job is.

And yet, I have this group of women who love me more than anyone should. Really. They are such a blessing. And if your church doesn't have small groups (or if you aren't a part of one), well, that's a real bummer. Because these are the kind of women that I can drag my whiney self to our group, whine about my circumstances, and do you know what? They don't complain about my complaining. In fact, they love me. And support me.  And hug me. When I need it. Badly.

It's true--they are not the only ones. I tell you about them to say this: I asked them to pray for this situation this week. And do you know what?  Nothing has changed at work.

But EVERYTHING has changed.

Yes. I mean it.

This week, it's like people have joined me on all sides and just been there. And some of them didn't even know that what I needed the most this week was someone to be there.

I have made two adoption-related friends this week.  Pretty much out of the blue, two separate women contacted me and gave me all kinds of support in the midst of our walk through adoption. It's always great to talk to someone who wants to hear how things are going. It's different, though, to talk to someone who's walked this road. It was just such a blessing to hear from these women who have their beautiful children at home and can say that the Lord will provide, regardless of how stressful it might feel.

I also had a dear friend send me a support email in the middle of a rough day. And she had no idea, I am sure, that it was perfect timing. But it was.

The Lord's providence strikes again.

And then of course, there was the whole part of today where my coworkers encouraged me to listen to   crazy 70s and 80s music during some difficult times today.

So, the moral of this story: God is good.  Friends are awesome. My life is pretty rockin.

So, so long pity party. My life is full of blessings and it's too full to have you around.

And you, dear blog readers, are just one example of these blessings.


  1. I had a really rough job three years ago. I did whine about it some on my blog because I didn't have a small group. I had several blog readers (who were semi-friends before this) rally around me and offer such great, Godly encouragement. It totally made the difference.

    That is to say, I get this post! And right on! And good for you!

  2. Bethany, do you know that you live in the same town as this blogger? To guys could do a lunch date and be real life friends! :0)

  3. Ashley, am I to assume you know Bethany IRL?:)

    And Bethany, thank you for the support. Blogs can be a great way to connect. It sounds like things have gotten better in your situation?! I hope so.

  4. We were just talking about this at my small group. One of our friends was trying to get a job in his field for several years. He finally got one, but now he is pushing snooze and saying, "I don't want to go to work"! He was talking about how guilty he feels for having that attitude sometimes, when he is just so blessed to have a job.

  5. It's kind of a first-world problem, huh Amy? It's one of those moments where I went, well, I am officially complaining about something that should be a blessing in my life. I am also trying to find my happiness out of something that wasn't supposed to make me happy in the first place. Yeah. But still we do it...

  6. Hey girl .. This is a blessing to ME!! I am joining one of those great small groups at your church this year... and CAN NOT WAIT!!! The post was just a good reminder I was doing the right thing :)

  7. Katie. that's awesome! I will say this: don't be surprised if it takes your group some time to "gel." There's definitely time needed to adjust and get comfortable with each other. Our group has pretty much been the same for two years, with an addition or two. So it really makes it easier to be real with each other. But what a blessing. You ARE doing the right thing!! And be willing to be vulnerable:). Congrats on taking a big leap!