Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Little Man,

Wow! This week has been busy. Lots to do, to think about, and to prepare. Our friends came home with their sweet girl, Elise, who we hope will be your friend, too. We haven't seen them. We want to give them their space just like we'll ask everyone to give you once you come home to us.  But we do pray for her and we hope to get to see her soon.

Things at our home are a little crazy. Dad and I are in the midst of making several decisions about you and life and all things in between. Don't worry, though, we still pray for you each day and think of you constantly. I want to do so much to make your room yours but I also know, Little Man, you may be a ways from joining our home still. It's hard for me to not prepare--to not get too excited. We know it's the Lord's timing, though, and that makes it a little better.  As I held one of my sweet little boys at church this week, I smelled his hair and wished for the day I will be able to smell your hair as you hug me tight. The day is coming, Little Man. It is coming.

We had family Christmas on your grandpa's side this weekend. We got to talk about you--about our journey toward you, the ups and downs, and how we long to hold you and tickle you and sing you to sleep. We talked about how we will cocoon you and keep you in our home so you will learn how much we love you.  We are trying to prepare your new family that, as much as they love you, they may have to wait a little while to show it. After all, we are your mom and dad and we want you to get that first and foremost.

Speaking of love, I have to tell you how very clear it is that you are already loved by our community. Our friend Candace reminded us this week that the leaders of the children's ministry at church pray for your arrival. We hear from friends, family, and people we've never met about how they are praying for you and rooting for our family. It's so lovely for us to know the community already can't wait to see you home.

 Today we have spring-like weather. It's warm and everyone's atwitter with excitement. On days like this, it makes me wish you were  here. Dad and I would load you in the stroller. We'd maybe grab Rigo and Gabby if we were feeling brave, and we'd take a lovely walk through our neighborhood. Or maybe we'd go to the park and let you fly down the slides.  Maybe we would just run around in the back yard. I can't wait to make decisions like these.

Well, IC, I must be going. I am off to work at the university. But please know that you are never far from my heart.




  1. hey! Thanks so much for your comment! congrats on being on the waitlist! we both have a ways to go :) YES! I will for sure do a post about created for care! be on the look out! you should go next year! or this year in march! yeah!

  2. I followed your link from one of your comments on Wynne's blog! (I am Emme's mom) I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that I know the wait is hard. It down right sucks at times but keep that precious little face in the front of your mind. The rooms won't be empty long and the whole in your heart will be filled before you know it. I will follow your journey and pray for you everyday! I love your blog! and I love this sweet letter! simply precious!!

  3. Jenna, thank you so much for your kind words. They are so nice to hear! I'll be praying for you and sweet Emme and the rest of your family during this attachment and adjustment process. Congrats on being home!!