Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hello, Little Man!

It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?! Well, I started a new job. I love the job! I have to tell you, though, as desperately as your dad and I want you here, it's probably best I went ahead and started this job before you arrived. I mean, it's a pretty big transition.  Your going to love my new office. And by my new office I mean your church.  We have talked about church before, haven't we? I think so. It's a pretty great place. There are lots of kids there and some of them will look like you. In fact, a few are even from Ethiopia. I am hoping you will have some great church friends from Ethiopia and we can all share this crazy, wonderful, difficult experience we call adoption.  Back to church... it's a big place, little guy. Don't worry, though, we will help you feel right at home. You'll start upstairs in the area I oversee with the little people but before long, you'll be taking the big red slide down to the first floor with the big kids. What's that? I've never mentioned the slide before? Well, it's a big hit with kids your age. I have a feeing you and your dad will spend quite a few moments each week going down that slide while I am working.  I can't wait to see you fly down, your hair flowing with the speed of the downward spiral! Woo hoo!!

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  It's a holiday we celebrate here with all moms. Mother's Day can be hard for lots of people for lots of reasons.  I won't say yesterday was hard for me, but last Mother's Day we kind of thought we might at least have a picture of you by now. Turns out, it wasn't meant to be that quick. We won't see you for probably another 2-3 Mother's Days. But do you know what God says, Little IC**? He says He makes all things beautiful in his time. So, even though this wait doesn't feel beautiful, we know he's making beautiful things out of it.  I imagine Mother's Day will be a time of difficult emotion for you, too. After all, while I am sure you and I will have years of special Mother's Day memories, I would be completely misguided if I didn't remember that you and your birth mom will be missing out on years of the same. Hopefully we will honor her and, if she's still on earth, pray for her on this special day.

Little Man, I am off to work in the garden. Know that in weeks where I don't write you I still think of you and wish for you like crazy. The day will come when we meet. Even if it takes years and years, I know He makes all things beautiful in His time. He's making your mama more beautiful during this wait. And I know it to be true that when you arrive on this earth, He's making you beautiful too.

All My Love, Little Man


**IC is imaginary child. Since Little Man isn't here and we aren't even sure he's born, it's our term of endearment for him. He may be imaginary in real life but he's very real in our hearts.

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