Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Sweet Pea,

Oh how I have thought of you lately!! I just got back from a conference with 3600 women. That's a lot of women!! Many of the women were pushing their babies in strollers or holding them in carriers. Lots of mamas also showed their beautiful pregnant bellies as they worshipped our God. I don't have a pregnant belly to proclaim to the world the preparations we're making for your arrival. Even so, each time I saw one of those mamas, I thought of you. I wondered how old those babies would be when you finally join our family. I wondered how old YOU would be. I thought it would be interesting if these babies were your age and if you were in your birth mamas belly right now. Only God knows.

I did get to meet another adoptive mama while there. Her little man is coming from Ethiopia, too. We hope to be forever friends and we might even meet up at another conference to share in our experiences waiting for you little guys.

At this point, we've been waiting for you for about seven months officially (don't be fooled--we've been waiting for you longer).  When I look at our list and do a little math, it looks like somewhere between three and six years from now you will join our family. It's pretty hard to even have any idea what that means. We're not going to get bogged down in that, though, son. We are resting in God's sovereignty. That's a big word. It means his ability to get it right even when we don't understand or think so.  Please trust me in this, IC. If it took even longer than this, years and years, we would wait for you. You are such a part of us and our family.

I'd love to say so much more but I think I'll wait til next week. I do love you and think of you so very often. And I pray for you. Specifically that we'd have you home soon and that you would be protected in the meantime. So much love to you, baby.


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