Monday, June 11, 2012

Recovery Mode

You know those times when you just feel like you have too much free time? You wish you had more to do and so you just don't write because you are sitting at home, basking in sunshine, lazily enjoying your days?

Me neither.

The past month has been a whirlwind for me. I mean, seriously. My new job is lovely. I've been doing it officially (read: not in training) by myself for almost exactly a week.  I love doing it. There's also just a lot of it to do.  Especially since last week was our busiest week of the year. I mean, any time you are in charge of making sure 900 people are safe, fed, and having fun, it's bound to be a little busy. Luckily, I would say we mostly accomplished all three of those things and I am a happy, tired girl. I would love to show you pictures of my favorite week of the year but here's the thing: I only took pictures of other people's kids. And I have a rule that unless I have explicit verbal permission to do so, those kiddos won't end up on my personal blog. So, if you want to see the lovely stuff that last week was made of, you can go to Facebook and friend Crossing Kids. This link will take you there.  There are tons of pictures. And they're done by pros so you know they're better than my photos of blurry, smiling kiddos.

So now, yes, I am in recovery mode. There are chains on the adoption link to create, letters to IC to write, and normal life to get back to. There's also lots and lots more work.

Because, as it turns out, Sunday happens once a week.

As soon as I think, ok, I am close to caught up, I remember the next Sunday is just around the corner and I have plenty to do. It's so amazing the works the Lord is working in me already. And I'd love to type them out for you. Except I haven't really had time to digest them yet. It's mostly moment-by-moment grace getting me through at this point.

I will say this: if you don't pray for the leaders of your church, will you do that please? I mean, they so need it. And by they, I mean me.  The grace needed to accomplish ministry is astounding. And regardless of your beliefs I will also put this out there: there are forces that just don't want ministry to happen. And they're at work y'all.  So, please pray against that for the people in your own church. And for your own lives.

I will write more soon. Promise.  Just wanted to let you know I'm alive. And well. Very well.

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