Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Fought the Mouse and the Mouse Won

To begin this story, I must go back to Saturday night. After a long, sad loss to Georgia, I crashed in bed only to dream a super creepy dream about my white boxer coming to see me with a white mouse running around in her mouth. Running. Around.  UGH! It was very gross and it was one of those dreams where you wake up saying, "Thank goodness this was not real!"

So on Monday I went in to work. I usually take Mondays off but I am headed to the Empowered to Connect conference (please tell me if you are going--I want to see you!!) on Thursday so I wanted to get some extra work done. As my coworker Tanya was in the doorway speaking with me, I heard a rustling in the back of my office.  I asked her if she heard it but we both just chalked it up to my dream making me paranoid. We talked about dreams for a while, laughed it off, and Tanya went back to the back of the office where she works.

It could not have been ten minutes later that I was writing my "to do" list when I heard something. I looked over my left shoulder and, lo and behold, dark, beady eyes stared at me from the front of a brown gray, small little mouse body.

I jumped up screaming, "There IS a mouse! There IS a mouse!!!!!!"  Yes, I was a little overwhelmed.  And here's the best part: I am not a squeamish girl. I like snakes. I don't get freaked out by spiders. I used (and accidentally killed one or two) mice for biology lab experiments in college. But there was something completely disarming about a mouse running toward me.  Oh my goodness I have never felt like such a baby.  Of course the guys from the office come swarming.  One actually said, "I legitimately thought you got punched or stabbed." Um, whoops?

I wouldn't go back into my office the rest of the day.  I saw Speedy Gonzales two more times but despite our best mouse-catching efforts (which included a plastic tub, a highlighter, a golf club, and Reese Fastbreak as bait) we did not catch him.  We did, however, find his little trail (read: poop) all over the student ministry office. Talk about gross!

Because I like you all and I have no shame (and because one of the guys thought he would be funny to turn on his phone camera), I bring you, my reaction to the mouse:

We didn't see him today but I don't think we've seen the last of Speedy. As several people told me: there's never just one mouse.  Oh mice, I didn't used to have a phobia. You cured me of that, to be sure.

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