Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Man Letter

Dear Sweet Boy,

Yes. It's Wednesday. Whoops.   My only excuse is that mama was fighting bronchitis and felt pretty sick Monday. If I'm being truthful, I'm still struggling with feeling better. Days like this make me wonder how it will work when you're here and I'm barely making it work on my own:). Here's the good news, buddy. We have a great village of people who already love you and are already excited to help with you. So, you may get a fun day when I get a sick day...lucky you:).

I know it's not Christmas yet (and especially not in ET--where you celebrate in January) but you already have a gift in your room.  You see, our church does a big Family Christmas Celebration and this year, families got a pretty neat book about the birth of our Jesus.  I know I've told you some about him and I can't wait to tell you more when you get here. I pray you will begin to know him so, so early. Anyway, the book.  We gave families the book to enjoy together and there were a few extras so I got one for you!

I'm excited to read it with you! It's got beautiful photos and tells the story of Jesus by explaining how all the animals and fish and everything else God made was waiting for him to return as a baby. It's pretty fun.  Your book collection is growing:).

I feel like you should also know we met with our social worker this week. You'll get to know her as soon as you get home, since she'll come by to visit and see how we're doing with you.  I'm telling you we met with her so you can know she was checking to see what kinds of preparations we are making for your arrival. The answer: lots! We've read lots of books and done quite a bit of research in the past year and  a half. Oh baby, we can't wait to have a photo of you soon!  Well, probably not that soon. But we pray expectantly.  Speaking of baby, you may not be a baby at all! You may be a growing young boy. We don't know how old you are or will be when you arrive but we know we will love you so, so much. Even when it's hard for both us and for you.  Our Heavenly Father never, ever gives up on us and we will never, ever give up on you. I feel like you should know this.  And I feel like I can't tell you enough times. You should hear it always. It doesn't matter if you can't sleep at night or don't like running (gasp:)!) or won't wear a hat no matter how many I put on your head. Our love is not conditional. It will be hard for all of us sometimes but we will always, always love you.

OK, little man. I am off to send Christmas cards. We don't know how many more we'll send without your face but we know someday, you'll be plastered all over it. Just like the dogs are now.

Love you so much, Little Man!


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  1. Found your blog when searching AWAA info. We actually used to go to The Crossing until we moved away last year. Would love to talk adoption, agencies, etc. !!