Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Man Monday

Dear Little Man,

Merry American Christmas Eve!

Right now, your dad and the puppies and I are all sitting on the couch, watching the Today show and talking about Christmas. All that's missing is you!!  Usually I work on Christmas Eve morning but since my new job has me working this evening, your dad and I are enjoying some relaxation this morning.  We slept in and are enjoying some coffee.

Now, I know we probably won't sleep in when you arrive. But I do imagine a day when we can all snuggle and watch Christmas cartoons on Christmas Eve morning.  This new schedule will be perfect for you, I think.

Christmas is a little different here than where you live now (if you're here yet!:)). For one, we celebrate Christmas in December instead of January. For another, we have different traditions and we tend to give gifts.  I think I'll wait to explain many of the traditions  until you get here and we can all make some of our own.  It's hard for me not to go crazy getting you gifts. I would love to load up with little old man sweaters, Toms, tons of books, snuggly little hats, and so much more. But, this is our second official Christmas waiting for you. If this process is as long as we think it might be, your room would literally be filled from top to bottom with gifts by the time you got here. So, we'll probably grab one gift especially for you and save the real spoiling until you get here.

Last night our good friends came over and we decorated gingerbread houses. I thought about you and what it would be like when you arrived. I pictured making a house with you. Our house would be a little messier and a little less planned but it would be filled with way more love than the one I made alone. I think this is also true of our actual home. Right now, our Christmas tree is perfectly decorated. All the ornaments match and not one is out of place. The decorations are pretty organized and in general, the house is put together. When you arrive, our tree will probably look a little disheveled and our house won't be quite so clean. And little man, don't be mistaken. Your dad and I are so filled with love right now, for Jesus and for each other. But I know with all my heart the love we have will multiply in ways I don't even understand when you join us.

Did I mention we now have two ornaments specifically to honor you? Well, we do. One is a beautiful, breakable glass globe we'll probably have to put away when you arrive. It has a heart right over Ethiopia. The other is made by a family also waiting for their child from Ethiopia. It's a soft Africa-shaped ornament with a heart on your country. That one might even get to go on your personal Christmas tree when you arrive. Oh yes, we'll make sure you get your own Christmas tree:).

Little man, I love you so.  I can't wait to share Christmas and the joy of Christ with you. Until then, Dad and I will be snuggly and smile and think of you.  We'll pray for you today, as we do so often.

All my love and Merry Christmas,


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