Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Which I Gloat About the Beach

It all started with my cousins. My cousins I happen to call my Aunt and Uncle because that's kind of the role they play in my life. Anywho, they bought a time share in Grand Cayman 10 years ago and often took my parents.
Sweet cousins! 
Well, last year when my parents returned, they had a time share of their own. To get us excited they said, "And you can come any time you want!! Just pay for your plane tickets."

Look at those darling parents!

Consider me sold!

No really. That's all it took.

When we first started the adoption, we were saving every penny. Every vacation day. We didn't want to use any scrap of a resource that might be used instead for the adoption. But two years later, we realized this thing could take a while. And the idea of not having vacation for five years for the sake of our adoption sounded counterintuitive. So, we decided this year to go for it, for the sake of our relationship.  

We both are busy at work. We both could have come up with excuses. But we also have always said after our relationship with Jesus, our marriage comes first. Above ALL else. Work. Future Kids. Dogs. So, we went for it.  And for eight days, we were on a beach. 

People keep asking about vacation. This is my new answer: wake up, coffee and devo, beach to read and soak, eat, beach, eat, sleep. Repeat.

The whole group on the second night, grilling and chatting.

On day three we realized we have maybe never had three days in a row with absolutely no plans. Who can complain about that!?

I read three books. For fun. I didn't even pick up one single adoption or parenting book. Shocking!

One of the three:)

I also happen to have a deep love of jigsaw puzzles. So I brought my own.  Some might say it's nerdy to bring a puzzle to a beach. I say: when you have free time, do what you love.

I'm Nerdy and I Know It

We snorkeled, ate delicious food, and had a lovely time.  I'm thrilled to be back but I'm so grateful for a lovely time of rest.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us :)

    1. Happy to oblige, Ko! Always fun to share good times with others!!:)

  2. This is my version of a perfect vacation; nothing to do and a beach to do nothing on! Perfection. :-) Glad you're back though, I missed you! - Jenna

  3. Ahhh, I felt my shoulders relax just looking at your pictures! That sounds fabulous! ...and I love your dress in that first picture!

  4. That looks wonderful! Good for you guys. We're kind of at that place too - still saving as much as we can - but this process is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. We still have to take care of ourselves too. :)

  5. Great photos!

  6. Vacations are a means to get away from the stresses of everyday life. In your situation with undergoing the adoption process, it was good that you decided to go ahead and take up your parents’ offer, so you can relax and be rejuvenated to face life again. Good luck with the adoption! Maybe next time, there’d be a little one with you in those pictures.