Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Man Monday

Hi Little Man,

I am so excited to talk to you! It's been a little while.  Your dad and I just got back from a beautiful vacation. We spent some time enjoying each other's company in Grand Cayman. We talked about you. We talked about what it would be like to have you home. We don't know when it will be so it's nice to remind ourselves that life will change and it won't seem like long once it gets here.

One thing I hope you always know about your dad and me: we love each other deeply. Oh don't be mistaken... we love you so, so much.  And we always will. But our love for each other is what started this whole family:). So, we want you to know how much we do love each other.  We look forward to taking you on vacations. But we also hope and plan to take vacations without you (when you are ready of course).  I hope you never, ever wonder whether or not your parents are passionate about each other.  I hope we can show you that every day. Maybe not every moment of every day but every day at some point.

While we were on vacation, we got you a little something:). Of course!  We got you a stuffed turtle. He doesn't have a name yet but he's in your room with your other stuffed animals. We didn't see a sea turtle  on vacation (your grandpa did!) but we did see three stingrays! It was amazing! I hope someday we can show you some.  If we go back, we'll get a stingray to add to the collection.

Dad and I are doing laundry and stepping back in to quiet, chilly winter life. Glad to share this chat with you today. You're our little man and always will be.  Even when you've outgrown me.

Love you so much,


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  1. :) Prayers for your sweet boy today!!! It sounds like a wonderful vacation, show us some pic lady!