Thursday, April 3, 2014

Slow but Moving

When we got our referral, maybe I thought things would move faster. That every time people asked me what was new, I might have something new and exciting to say.

Here's the thing: no matter what side of this waiting you're on, it's waiting. And slow.

And some of the things we see as movement, well, they aren't that fun to give as updates. Because it usually goes like this:

You: "So do you have any updates this week?"

Me: "That document we were waiting for? We got it."

You: "Cool! So you'll travel soon?"

Me: "Yeah, no. It will now go to someone else and they'll review it and send it to someone else."

There's that.

So today, when we got two pieces of good news, it officially became a good day! First, that document we got to send to someone else? Well, it officially left the US today. This is a GOOD thing. It left and is currently in the same country as our son. And the embassy there will review it and then we'll move to the next step.

We are not traveling to Ethiopia any time soon but our documents left this week. Praise the Lord!!

There are good things happening. There are still several steps before we get to travel but we are really, really hopeful it will be this summer sometime. You can pray that all the time frames we've been given will stay on the "short" side of the window so we can travel as early as humanly possible. Because that's our prayer.

Secondly, we got new pictures and a few fun updates of our precious IC today. He's wearing an outfit we gave him and holding a care package we sent. I couldn't believe how little he looked in the photos! And precious, of course. He always looks precious. I may or may not have sent him teal skinny jeans and an orange shirt. Because it's only fair if he knows how much his mama loves color. He wore them. This may be the only time in his life he'll actually wear what I pick out. I'm going to take full advantage.

So yes, it was a good day.

And can I just say, as a sidebar, that even though there's not a ton to tell each time, please don't stop asking us how it's going. We LOVE sharing info about our little dude, our process, and our plans for when he comes home. Even if we don't have anything majorly new to say, it's so fun to share the process with so many we love.

And finally, any time I have your ear, I'm gonna give you some prayer requests. Of course, you can pray our process will be streamlined and we'll get moved through the next steps quickly. You can also pray for our little IC. Pray God would surround him and protect him and prepare him for all the crazy that is his parents. And, of course, you can pray for us too. This parenting thing? It's new. And exciting. And new. And we need lots of prayers.

It's not us but we're sure glad something that started in the US is now in Ethiopia!


  1. Praying for you all in the wait and for IC to prepare as he meets his forever family. Hugs!!!!

  2. Awesome! I bet he looks adorable in his new outfit!