Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Different Kind of Adoption {the dashing kind}

Well, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may already know this piece of news.

We added to our family last month.


Please meet Dash:

I know there are no questions as to why we added a third dog just months before we add our first child (who is most likely terrified of dogs) after seeing that beautiful face, right?

Well just in case there are, let me tell you the story of how Dash became a part of our family.

A few years ago, we saw a dog on Facebook who needed a foster family. Yes, our local humane society has a foster program. They foster out dogs who need special care (they're sick, they don't do well in the shelter) or when there are no more cages available. We agreed to foster Boo, a sweet deaf boxer with kennel cough. He was so sweet and we loved him.

And somehow we got on the "list" so when there were needs from the shelter, we started helping out when we could. It was good for Gabby to have some social interactions with big dogs and we felt like we were helping. It was fun.

It was also, well, a bit hard. Because we love our Gabbydog but she is a bit of a, how you say, jerk. To other dogs, not to people. She likes to growl and try to prove how tough she is. And this usually gets her in trouble. Because Gabs can't fight. Doesn't even try usually. Just lots of growling and then she gets bit by another dog.

So the first time she lunged at Dash and he ran into our tiny Little Dog cage, we knew Dash was a good fit for our home.

Let me back up and say we brought Dash into our home on January 28. E picked him up from the shelter and before I was able to get home, I got this text from Eric:

"Have you Ever seen a dog with ADHD? Because you are about to."

You see, Dash had quite the reputation at the shelter. He threw himself against his cage. He whine-screamed at others as they walked by. When we called the shelter and said we were ready to take on a new "big dog" they recommended Dash. And when E went to pick him up, he knew why.

It took two adults 20 minutes to put a collar on our little angel. And when he made it to our house, we had a good several hours of him writhing and spasming on a leash before we felt he could even handle being alone, not tethered to a human.

Which makes it even more heartwarming that two days later, all he wanted to do was snuggle us and the other dogs.

In mid-April we had decided Dash probably needed to become ours. He was a great playmate for Gabs, he listens SO well (I know you just read the description of his first day with us and may not believe it but a week later he knew "sit" "stay" "come" "lay down" and "drop." It was pretty magical considering we are somewhat below average on training dogs).

We were discussing calling the shelter when they called us. The message I got said they wanted to set up a meet and greet. 

Dash had a family.

Our dog. The one we snuggled and bought a ball specifically for. Our dog, who had been with us for almost 4 months without so much as an eyebrow raise from a potential home, was about to go to another family.

So, E called the shelter and explained. They said there was technically nothing they could do since the protocol required the first family with an app to get first dibs. But they agreed to call the family. And later that day, they called. The family heard our pleas and rescinded their application.

We became a three dog family.

(Ironically Dash got very sick the very same day we adopted him. Luckily, he's doing better but man was it quite the journey. Lots of X-rays and "did you eat this?" He didn't eat this. Or anything. And he's better.)

Things about three dogs I have learned:
  • I could make a full-time job out of sweeping my house.
  • I am never alone. I travel in a pack.
  • I buy a whole lot of dog food.
  • I have never had more snuggles in my life.

E taught Dash how to play frisbee one night. And as I was watching them play in the backyard, I heard E say to Dash, "Dash, IC is going to love you. You are the best dog a boy could ask for."

And that, friends, is why we have a third dog. Because my husband is in love and he is a perfectly lovable, sweet, well-behaved, and caring addition to our family.

And we pray, after some adjusting, IC will love him.

Welcome to the family, Dash. Just know from the get-go we are absolutely bonkers.

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