Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Two: Mission Relaxation

I recently went to a lovely Christmas lunch with my coworkers from my assistantship.  While at lunch, they encouraged me to take the five weeks off school to relax and enjoy myself.  I mentioned to them that relaxation was not something I do well.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is the case. I promised them I would "work on relaxing" over break, and they marveled at the idea of someone needing to work harder on relaxing.  Kind of oxy-moronish.  Anywho, that's what I am doing.  Yesterday, I finished Christmas cards, wrapped gifts, and did laundry.  Today will include more cleaning and reading.  My goal is to have everything so together by next week that I have no choice other than to relax. We'll see if that happens.

Any suggestions for good books or ways to lazily occupy time are requested.

Here's to relaxation.

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