Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Sweet, Sweet Little Man,

It's been a few weeks.  Momma has been a busy girl!  Your dad and I have a big film festival we help with and last week we were still recovering. Plus, last Monday was your dad's birthday party.  Our "family" here in our town threw him a little surprise party. Can you guess how old your dad is?

He is 30! Can you believe it? I hope we can count to 30 together very soon.  I do pray that the Lord works in your life and you will be able to look back at 30 and see the wondrous places He has taken you, just like I know your dad can say.

This week the flowers are poking out of the ground and I am finally wearing sandals. It's warm, Little Man! We think winter might officially be over. This week we had daylight savings time where we spring our clocks forward an hour. Little Guy, as hard as it is to get up and go to church an hour early, I have to say I don't even know how we will do it when you are here. At first, you will be on a whole different time frame. We'll do our best to help you adjust--we know you are going to make some big sacrifices to be a part of our family and the time change is just the beginning of it. We are praying the Lord will heal you and help you to feel a part of our little family in a timely fashion.  No pun intended. A pun is a joke, just so you know. Your dad makes some bad ones. Don't worry-we'll roll our eyes together at him.

Oh Little Man, there are so many things to say and there just aren't enough words. Your grandma came to visit this weekend. We went to a diaper party and learned about cloth. If you are wearing diapers when you join our family, I am pretty sure your little bum will be covered in cloth. It was definitely an educational experience to learn so much about the different diaper options.

I know your grandma wasn't too exited about diapers (she'll get used to it:)) but she is excited to snuggle you and dress you in adorable little man clothes. It's kind of something we're both looking forward to, if we're honest. We're both big fans of the idea of dressing you up.

Welp, little guy, Dad and I are headed to bed soon. My love for you will never end Can't wait to see a picture of your beautiful days. The days and the months may go by before I do but I will never get less excited.

Much, Much love,


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