Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hello, Sweet Dear!!

I hope you are resting safely and sweetly if you are around these days.  Tonight, your dad and I are doing something we rarely do: nothing at all!! We are just sitting on our couch, watching people sing on TV, and eating popcorn. It's quite the relaxing evening. I hope you like popcorn, Mister, because we are big fans. It's such a nice treat to sit as a family and munch on the crunchy treat. If you have a different favorite, we'll just have to add it to our repertoire.

Speaking of eating, I've been wondering what your eating habits will be like. Several bloggy friends this week have talked about their kiddos and their eating habits. Will you only like sugary sweetness? Will you not like sweets at all? Will you eat veggies like your mom and dad? Word on the street is they are an acquired taste. Never fear--we'll help you acquire that. Some of your dad and my favorites are asparagus and broccoli. We'll be patient as you learn the different foods of our lifestyle.  Whatever you eat, however you eat it, we'll learn patience and we'll grown together as we figure it out. I also have plans to try out my skills at Ethiopian recipes. Just like I'll be patient with you on the veggies, you're going to have to be patient with me on the Ethiopian cooking. I'll try my hardest--I promise.

Little man, we got word this week that our journey to you will be a little longer. Don't worry-we're not giving up. We're praying for you and thinking of you. It's true--we don't know if you're even alive yet. That doesn't deter us a bit! We are so pumped to be your parents.

Welp, little guy, I am off to grab another handful of popcorn. I love you much. Thanks for sharing our special Monday with us. We can't wait til we all share it together in person.


Mom and Dad

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