Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrating Six Years, Our Way

Last Saturday we were blessed to celebrate our sixth anniversary. And we celebrated the way most people we know do.  I mean, not at all. But whatever.

We started with a good 3 mile run. I mean, I am cleared to run now. I love to run. We like to run together. And so we did.

Once we finished our couples run (because everything sounds cooler and more romantic when you put 'couples' in front of it), we enjoyed some delicious orange rolls.  Because if you can't enjoy orange rolls after a run, when can you enjoy orange rolls?

Then, we high-tailed it in to my office. We have better reception there after all.  And we needed the reception for the conference call with our social worker.

What's that? I didn't tell you we were meeting with our social worker?

Well, we were.  You see, a lot has happened in our little lives in the past few months. And before all that happened, we felt God was telling us we needed to open our options a little more.  So, well, we prayed about it.  And finally, it was time to act.

After a brief but information-filled call with our social worker (who literally knows more about us at this point than anyone else in the whole world) we officially changed our request as of Monday.  Yes.  So what is our request?

EITHER GENDER (yup!!) age 0-5 or siblings (say what!?) ages 0-7. And we are prayerfully considering opening our one child request up to age seven as well.

What? Age seven? And we could have two kids? Yes. may be saying, "You don't have any kids! Are you sure you know how to parent a seven year old?"

Nope! But here's the thing: we don't know how to parent an infant either! We've never been parents. So we are hopeful that God will provide mentors and information for us no matter what age he places with us. It's all we'll ever have known anyway.

Yes, we've read. We've researched. We sent out TONS of questionnaires and asked families with adopted kids lots of questions. And we've prayed about it. And that's really all we can do!

So what does this mean for our time frame?

Well the short answer is we don't know. But it could speed it up. Way up. It all depends. And so we will be kicking it into support-mode, overdrive. Be checking the blog soon (very soon) for information on how you can get in on this action.

So, by noon, we had changed our lives forever (we think) and we headed home.

To move our entire living room.

Because nothing says, "I cherish our time together" like working together to recreate a living space. It took us all day.  And at one point we contemplated moving every item back to where it started. But we finally finished with this:

Romantic, isn't it?  Yes, that is a halo on E's head. He dealt well with my indecisiveness.

Once we finished moving things, we had just enough time to wash the stink off before we went downtown to celebrate six years in high style. We went with Pete and Cay to see "Much Ado About Nothing" (I am a big fan) and then used a gift card to enjoy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Aren't we cute? Check out how we are both wearing yellow.  Because after six years, you match. And you don't care anymore.

So yes, our weekend was exciting if not conventional. Happy Six to Us!!

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