Monday, January 27, 2014

Little Man Monday

Hello Dear, Sweet, Little Man,

I can't believe as I type this, the picture of you is in my mind. I finally know your face. Finally. After all the months of writing to an imaginary, ageless, faceless you, finally I'm writing to YOU!

I think you'll get the handwritten letter from me this week. I wish I could see the emotions you have. I know there have to be many. Will someone read it to you or will you just look at it, wishing you could understand the words. Are you hopeful? Excited? We are.  Are you terrified? Worried you won't fit in with us? I have no fear of this, little guy. I know God has written our stories together for a reason and we will learn each other. We will be different and we will be the same and we will learn the differences and the similarities.

As you look at our pictures I wonder what you think. Do you think we're weird looking? Have you met many people with skin our color? Are you terrified of all the photos of our dogs? All things we can work out together. But as I strive to know you, I just have this deep desire to know your reactions to this whole situation.

And us? We are elated. We know growing a family is hard work. But we are so ready to work for you. We want to learn about soccer. And any possible thing you might have even the slightest interest in. We're all in, buddy. We have been. Since the moment we signed on the dotted line with our agency. Before we knew your face. Your age. Your circumstances. We are all in.

I love you. I would count down the days until I meet you but I don't know how many they number. Regardless, you are in my heart, on my mind, and in my prayers.



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