Friday, February 6, 2009

It's My Party

This has been a long week. Eric passed me some sniffles early in the week, and there's been lots to do with work. Despite all of this, though, I think it's been a good week.

If you're wondering, the GRE went fine. Nothing to report. I did wake up a little late and had a freak attack. Being the Type A that I am, however, I thought the test was an hour earlier than it was. So, even after waking up an hour later than I wanted to, I still got there at 7:45 for a nine o'clock test. Yes I am a dork. I am crossing my fingers that my score is good enough to not ever have to take that stupid test ever again. Here's hoping.

I had a presentation last night for work. We travel throughout the state and give workshops for students and parents about navigating the college planning process. I love giving these workshops. People tend to truly appreciate my effort. Parents who are going through the process for the first time, in particular, look at me like I am the goddess of all things college. It's kind of fun. We always get surveys back, and all my surveys from last night said, "much more interesting than I thought it would be." Moral of the story: it's easy to exceed expectations if the expectations begin quite low. Love it!

Tonight, we get to play parents to toddlers. My lovely friend Lila has her preschool sockhop tonight and we get to be her stand-in parents. It is destined to be the highlight of my week. I will consider posting pictures. I am sure I will have stories.

Here's to preschool dances!

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