Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take A Chance on Me

For those of you who don't live in my Charming City, you may have never heard of a little event called the True/False film festival. If this is the case, I am so sorry. You are missing out. True/False is a documentary film festival in its 6th year. The fest brings in people from all over the world (literally--I've talked to people from Poland, England, and just got off an ichat with some filmmakers from Denmark) to showcase their films. In between films, you get to meet artists, enjoy great music, and even partake in a party or two. It has been an eye-opener to me, a farm girl, to see the enticing entities of documentaries.

Last year was my first time to delve into the fest and I waded into the baby pool, seeing three films. This year, I decided to volunteer. I spent the last two days crawling under risers, building street art, taping down lights, creating a venue for an awesome party, and getting to know people I will never forget. I now wonder how I could have gone the first 5 years without volunteering. While I thought the films last year were life changing, the event is much more so. I just finished my first two films. What is even more incredible than viewing the films is hearing the creative genius behind them and allowing those filmmakers to share their craft. So cool! The main film I saw was called "Love on Delivery" about a pipeline of Thai women coming to Denmark to find their husbands. Thus the title of my entry. They truly were taking a chance on making their lives new and economically bearable. The film looked at marriage through a lens I myself could never see. I cried remorsefully and felt proud for the women all at the same time.

My church says that film is a great way to see other people's worldviews and how they see the problem central to life. I couldn't agree more. If you want to hear more on the subject, check out I would also recommend going to to see more about the festival and all of the films involved.

I am taking a quick lunch break but I hope to be able to update on more films soon.

Here's to taking a chance on documentary film at its finest.

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  1. That film festival does sound really interesting!

    I think the best film festival film I have ever seen (aside from one I was in, but that doesn't count, lol!) was Jesus Camp. It was really interesting and not what I expected it to be AT ALL! :)