Friday, January 30, 2009

The Chicken Dance

Chickens and blogs seem to go together. If you haven't read Angie's chicken post, it is a must-read. Here's a little chicken lovin of my own.

My wonderful friend Meg lives near me. I get to spend great time with her and her family since we live so close. Last night, I went to spend my evening with her and her parents. We had brownies, coffee, and great conversation. As the conversation came to a lull, we decided to find something to watch on TV. We turned to DVR, since there seemed to be nothing on the main channels. Looking back, there was PBS doumentary entitled "The Natural History of the Chicken." I was skeptical, but we decided to check it out.

Oh my word! If you have not seen this jewel of a film, I encourage you to check it out here. While I am not sure how much chicken history I learned, I did get a wealth of information in that one hour. I learned about a on obese farmer who can give an identical impression of a rooster. There is a dame in Florida who is in love with her chicken and does such activies as swim with him in her pool and blow dry his fluffy fur. A pastor told a story of a higher power looking out for chickens, and how chickens have a real sense of sacrifice of self. There was also a headless chicken who was a sideshow act a while back. No head. Seriously. Probably the best, however, was the woman from Maine who gave her chicken mouth-to-mouth after he was found semi-frozen under the deck. The lucky chicken lived and apparently spent a while inside living in a baby-crib watching medical shows before heading back out to tell all of her chicken friends about her adventures. Her name was Valerie since she had such valor. I wish I were lying.

I have seen Oscar winning documentaries, and they don't hold anything on this baby. It is awesome. It did win an Emmy. Wow. Eric asked for it for Christmas next year. We'll see.

I have the day off to study for the GRE. Yes, I am taking that fun test on Monday. Keep me in your prayers.

Nothing too insightful today but I hope you laugh about the chickens. Godbless!

Here's to chickens!

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