Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Speak

I have officially decided, after spending many sleepless nights pondering, that my titles will be song names from now on. Or at least until I run out of appropriate song titles.

Today, I am officially finished with parents.

If your child wants to come to my school but doesn't have the time to call and talk to me personally...
If your child is inadmissible and I have told you several times...

If you want your child to go to school here but they have no interest whatsoever...
Anyway, it's been one of those days. And currently, it's 25 degrees. Don't worry, though, because tomorrow it will be a balmy -2 when I come to work. But then I check out McMama's blog, where it is -22 in the midday, and I am content!

On a super-cool, positive note, Eric and I have had a conversion experience. It's true. We are officially "SIGG" people. I know, I know. Trendy? Yes. Super fashionable and just the right amount of water for my desk? Absolutely. So cute you'll want your own? You be the judge.

See? I knew you would like it!

Now, on to what I am learning from my New Year's resolution. As I plug along through Genesis, it's amazing how God's provision is so evident. I mean, we talk about God being vengeful and wrathful, but what I am seeing most is despite people's flaws, God's sovereignty shows through for those who are devoted to him. The OT does not paint a picture of a perfect world or perfect people. And it's true, God destroys everone in a flood. He also destroys the entire city of Sodom. But, more importantly, throughout those devastations, he held fast to those who love him. He took care of Noah, Lot, Abraham, and so many others. When Abraham asked for a wife for Isaac out of his homeland, BAM, Rebekah offers his camels water. It's just so neat. I live in a world that it all about me. I worry about what to cook for dinner, when I'll get a house, when I'll have children, what job I'll have. All these things. And yet, God has taken care of his people for thousands of years. He gave them arks, wives, and babies when they were 90 years old. If I commit wholeheartedly to him, won't he protect me? I want to want to believe. I pray that God would give me the strength to follow him.

My bro has come to visit, so I must say adios. Here is a cute picture of my pup for you to enjoy until the next post!

Here's to puppies and God's providence!


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