Monday, January 12, 2009

January is (Not) Jumpin

So the problem with January is that I have tons of time to post but absolutely nothing to post about. It's true. The most exciting thing that happened last week is that I took the day off to study for the GRE on Friday. Welp, that took all of one sentence and now I am back to having nothing to post about. In other news, the national football championship was super disappointing but I made the best-tasting burgers I have ever had. This weekend I got to spend two full days with my husband. In a row. This never happens. Finally, I made a color-coded budget. Seriously.

In all of this, there is just not much to post about. If you are wondering, yes, I am sticking to my Bible-reading plan although I have missed a couple of days.

So here is my not-so-deep thought for the day. As I am reading, I am reminded that the reason we really read is for fellowship and to stay connected to God. I have spent my days at work recently writing personal cards to all my out-of-state admitted students. They're small, they don't take long. But since writing these cards, the responses have been numerous. Kids, parents, they all are excited to have received some personal correspondence. The difference that reaching out personally to these students has made is incredible. This is what reading, praying, communing is for us. We commit a little and God personally touches us in a big way. My pastor yesterday said something interesting. He said that although the Bible is not very big, few of us get through it. Not because we can't read. Not because we don't have the time. Because, in fact, there is a force keeping us out. The power for us to connect and feel God's presence through his sovereignty in his book is huge. The more Satan can keep us out of it, the less vested we become in the kingdom of God. What a powerful thing to think about. I am stubborn and I like to fight. Now that I have realized the battle, you better believe I will work twice as hard to stay steadfast to my Jesus.

I pray for each of you that you will commit in a deeper way in 2009 as well. Pray for me. We'll trade. It'll rock.

I will try to post pictures next post. Of anything.

Here's to January.

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