Monday, January 5, 2009

A Time To Mourn...

So I come from a family where pets are treated like people. If you can't tell from my photos, I have a beautiful yorkie who is spoiled rotten with treats, toys, and clothes. He is one of three, however, as my brother and parents each have a yorkie of their own. Last night, Truman the yorkie left this world. He was just over a year old and ran into the street. We are all just traumatically sad over it. With my parents being empty nester these days, Truman was like their new addition. He had his own room, toys, food, and he even got to lick my parents' plates when they finished with dinner. All the kids at church choir knew him, and people at church even bought clothes just for Truman. When we got the call last night, the sadness that entered the room was almost physical. Little Truman will never be replaced. He was an energy and a joy, even if he was "just a dog." We will miss him. Pray for healing for my parents specifically. He was definitely their little man.

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  1. Hey beautiful! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year's, though i'm so sorry about what happened to your dog. However, i must say i found your New Year's resolution intriguing. Would you mind sending me that guide you'll be reading? I'd love to see it! Thanks! And i would have loved to have seen you, but i understand how crazy the holiday season gets. I'm planning to be back in Como for the big Theta anniversary, so i'll have to see you then!