Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well we've had plenty of snow in Missouri lately. We haven't gotten too much out my front door, but many schools around the area have been closed. I've heard the cheers from students coming into my office. Let's back up to the weekend.

Saturday we got to help two great people celbrate their 40th anniversary. Two years running now, Eric and I have been a part of the Newman Center trivia night. We answer questions, enjoy snacks, and have a great time with good friends. This particular trivia night, my best friend's parents also celebrated 40 years of their beautiful marriage. We cut cake, enjoyed champagne, and even looked at their wedding album. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening.

In case you are wondering, that is the original cake topper from the wedding. How cool!

On to Monday night's Bachelor. Can we all breathe a sigh of relief that Jason made good choices? Lauren, babe, bossiness only works on your pushover daddy. Nobody wants to be permanently contracted to the bossy girl. And Shannon, I know you are from Missouri, but babe, get some confidence!
I am still rooting for Stephanie but Jillian is pretty great, too. This is definitely one of my favorite seasons.
I am getting pretty excited to join a Bible study in a few weeks. Our church is starting the Beth Moore study on Esther. I have never done Beth's studies before but I have heard they are nothing short of life-changing. I am looking forward to it. I am also jumping out of my comfort zone on this one. For several studies, I have been in the same time slot with the same women. This will be my first study not with this particular group. Pray for wisdom for all of the studies. It should be a great time of growth.
Well, I am on the run to church.
PS So glad Mark is safely in Greece!
Here's to weddings, and more importantly, anniversaries!


  1. amen to bachelor!!! i was sooo happy all 3 of those girls went home! my favorites now are melissa, molly and jillian...its hard to wait for the next episode but i cant wait!! :)

  2. agreed...i am praying naomi gets booted next week. if she doesnt ill be unhappy!