Friday, January 16, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

And by fun, I mean knitting! That's right, we had a "Girls Just Wanna Knit" party last night. This contituted one talented lady teaching six amateurs (myself included) how to cast on and how to do the knit stitch. I will mention these two things took us a total of two hours. This may or may not be due to the fact that we had some pretty rockin fondue to hold our attention. I didn't start the event so well. While some people's projects were going well and looking like this...

My knitting project sat alone, lonely, and untouched due to fear and frustration. It looked more like this...

And this...

When I had all but given up, I got a little personal attention and my knitting project soon turned into this...

Hooray! Four whole lines! Suffice to say I am not a pro yet. I actually took out all of the knitting above. I did, however, teach myself how to do the purl stitch. I took all of those out, too. I am excited to practice this weekend. It should be a great distractor from my GRE study sessions. I joked with my mother today that she would have a full knit body suit by Easter. If you are wondering, that is Vanna White on my yarn. Yes, she has her own brand of yarn.

I have a three day weekend ahead of me, so I am thrilled. Even more exciting, however, is the fact that MarkoPolo87, my little bro, got accepted to the Orlando Ballet Summer Program. Awesome, because 1) He totally deserves and works really hard and 2) If he accepts this offer, I will, no doubt, head to Orlando! Bonus!
Enjoy your weekend. I hope you are warmer than we are. On the positive side, this weather makes for some beautiful pictures. I'll leave you with a picture looking out from my office window.
Here's to knitting!

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  1. hey...i just stumbled onto your blog from over at mckmama's site. i saw your first post was on knitting and i was like omg!! my older sister is in the midst of teaching me how to not that great but i just got a bunch of knitting stuff for my birthday and im so stoked to keep learning! anyway, feel free to stop by my blog, just thought i would say hey while i was here! :)