Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheer Up, Charlie

I have been SO sick for the past week. Luckily for me, I have recovered nicely and am back at work. Unluckily for Eric, I gave every bit of it to him and he is recouperating on our couch today. Poor thing!

Being as sick as I was, I was unable to get a bracket together for March Madness, but that hasn't stopped me from watching games. How about that Kim English! Wowee! It's fun to be in the Sweet 16 as a tiger. In fact, the last time my tiger team made it to the Sweet 16 I was a high school student. Seriously. So, I am overjoyed to be able to watch my Tigers on Thursday. I am a tad nervous about the whole thing, but it should be fun. I just don't wanna see some random Memphis player chew on a towel on all fours like a dog. I would also prefer not to see their coach cover his mouth to yell obsenities. Then again, if that means they are losing, I will take it.

I am still diggin my Esther study, but I will be honest enough with my Bloggers and Bloggettes to say that I haven't been doing my daily reading plan. Since I don't have Bible study this week, maybe I will try catching up. It's something I really have enjoyed when I actually get to it.

This is getting long already, but I have to wish my momma a belated birthday! I spent the weekend with her, shopping, eating, and watching Twilight. She's a great momma!!

Speaking of Twilight, I finished the books while on bedrest. Wow! I really want to read them again. Yes, I am a nerd.

Finally, I forgot the good news. I got my acceptance letter for graduate school while I was sick on the couch. I am thrilled! I will interview April 24 for an assistantship. If I get one, my life is about to seriously change. Pray for God's guidance on that one.

Here's to Spring (if not spring break)!

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