Friday, April 3, 2009

G.P. Are You With Me?

So life has just been moving too fast to blog right now. And really, when life is moving too fast to blog, sometimes things aren't blog-ready to post yet. Nonetheless, I will do better. Promise.

I have felt pretty overwhelmed lately with all of these potential changes in my life, and it's been hard for me to comprehend. I get a little difficult to be around. As much as I want to embrace change, it really freaks the heck out of me. So, you can imagine that I was more than ready to hit up Bible study on Tuesday when the time came. I needed a little refreshment. I got to my table, hugged all my lady friends, and sat down, ready to be engrossed in Beth Moore's latest morsels of God's words. And what do you know? The study this week (through Esther: It's Tough Being A Woman) was about feeling like you are in charge of your world. In fact, it was specfically about how you are NOT in charge of your world. God gets that great responsibility. Ha! It literally brought tears to my eyes. Jeremiah 29:11 sounds so trite when I am in the middle of trying to figure out job/school/living arrangements/ etc. But hearing Beth speak of God's providence and how we just can't weigh ourselves down refreshed me in a way I truly needed. God does have the plans for me. Not to harm me. To give me hope. A future. A-mazing.

Sweet, precious Stellan is fighting hard and doing better Head over to pray if you haven't. He's even been on the news lately!

This weekend should be a little less stressful than usual, so hopefully I will have time to post.

Here's to refreshment.

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