Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Steps and Baby Feet

When I was six, playing with my dolls, I envisioned being a mom.  I knew I would really look forward to that day.  I found out a little later (we'll say middle school) it took about nine months to become a mom.  Then, I found out that timeframe isn't always right.  Some babies take a little longer.

At twelve, I remember for the first time telling someone that when I grew up, I was going to adopt a baby.  I am pretty sure Mrs. Driskill and Mrs. Fickie thought I was a really crazy twelve year old.  That dream I dreamt when I was twelve never went away.  In fact, it grew stronger.  After I met the hubs, we continued to talk about starting our family this way.  A year ago, we officially started praying about this plan and it became Plan A.  We prayed for right timing, for vision, for finances, and for His hand to be on everything.

Today is a day I am pretty sure Hubs and I will always remember.  On Thursday, March 17, 2011 we were told by a dear woman that we were officially accepted by the adoption agency of our choice.  If you've read any other posts, you might know, I am a crier.  So I cried.  And thanked God.  And then called Hubs.  This is the first, very tiny, little baby step on the way to our baby.

So this blog is about to get a little more active as we begin the process of raising support (both in prayer and in finance) for this long journey.

If you are like me, you might have a few questions about this process.  So here are the answers I have right now.  I will also be clear that we don't know all the answers at this point and are looking forward to God guiding us through the next steps of this process.  But here are the questions I do know answers to:

Q:  Where are you adopting?
A:  We prayerfully put in our application for Ethiopia.  We think this is the place that meets our needs and also has kids that need us.

Q:  What agency are you using?
A:  America World.  You can read more about the agency at  We have friends who have been working through them and have been encouraged by their journey.

Q: How long will this take?
A:  We aren't exactly sure but probably some where between one year and two years.

Q: How are you paying for this?
A: Well, adoption is an expensive process.  We have some money saved.  We will continue to save.  But we will also be raising support through several projects.   Do not fret, friends.  They will be posted on the blog.  We are prayerful that God will provide.

Welp, that's all I know for now.  Thanks for starting this journey with us.

Here's to baby steps!


  1. Congratulations, I am so happy for you and look forward to following your journey.

  2. Jess, I am staning here getting ready for work and reading this. I even knew what it was about, and I am still crying. I am so indescribably happy for you and Eric. You will fantastic parents and I am beyond thrilled to be your friend through this long journey. I can't wait to meet your baby, and help you however you need along the way.
    Love you both,

  3. So, So Happy for you guys, I will follow your journey and help in any way I can! My prayer for you, is that your new baby brings you as much, Joy and Pride, as all three of our children and I'm sure, you guys, have brought your parents. God Bless

  4. Jess....tears flow for you in arkansas....beautiful....we are surrounded by friends raising and awaiting their children from Ethiopia and Rwanda Have you heard of the Aaron Ivy Band?? Check them'll be in love with their lyrics and hearts...Our best buddies also did an album 'Bringing Home Beautiful'...not sure if they're on itunes...I can get you a CD. Love you like crazy...praying and praying...

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  6. Too awesome - I'm stoked for you all! God's will and timing is perfect, and it will be in this journey as well! - Jon

  7. This is Stephanie Pritchett a friend of your mom's. We adopted through AWAA and I think she has probably mentioned us to you before. Congrats! Have patience as the road is a bumpy one and all kinds of things can happen along the way! I have not posted for a long time, but you can read our blog at
    Very happy for you!!!