Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes, I Can Be Creative

I have a super-creative bloggy friend named Polly.  Polly makes amazing stuff everyday.  No really.  Almost every day on her blog (found here) you can find sweet stuff Polly has made, like a changing table, cute pillows, coffee sleeves, and most recently, adorable burp cloths.  Yes, Polly is cool.  She's also inspiring.  After reading Polly's blog this week, I decided to start a sweet project of my own.  Nothing big but big for me.  I also made a step-by-step tutorial just in case anyone else happens to have this exact issue (which you probably won't).  So here it is:  the case of the see-through cupboard.

We moved into our house this summer.  Being youg, first-time homeowners we sacrificed on some things to get a price we liked.  One of those things is a pantry.  We have ample cabinet space but we had no where to keep our food.  Insert cool mom here.  My parents live in a small town and they can often find great deals on furniture and home decor.  My mom found me a pretty great cupboard for $60 bucks.  Seriously.  Problem solved!  Well, sort of.  Here is what our pantry has looked like for the past three months: (warning: all photos are from my phone so you get what you get)

Aside from the fact that the paint is chipping (which I have not yet fixed), this option is really only OK if you have the time and drive to keep your cabinets perfect all the time, since everyone can see into them.  Me?  Well, everyone could see what a slob I was all the time.  Solution:  purchase fabric and put it in the glass to keep everyone from being annoyed by my messy accumulation of pasta sauce and garbanzo beans.  I found some fabric that matched my lime green kitchen.

First, the paint was all over the windows so I had to get some paint remover stuff and a box cutter and pull it off the windows.  This took WAY longer than any other portion of this task.  I hope, for your sake, if you do this project, you are not saddled with removing paint from glass.  God help you if you do.

Next, I measured the windows and cut portions out of the fabric that were just a little bigger than the window.  I did this for two reasons: 1)I didn't want the pressure of having to match it up exactly and 2) I'm just not that particular so I actually didn't cut the fabric exactly straight and no one noticed b/c of the extra fabric!

I purchased some spray adhesive.  Spray adhesive, you say?  Yes, I didn't know it existed either.  But it does.  And it looks like this.

Then, I sprayed the spray adhesive directly onto the inside piece of glass.  I doused the cabinet.  Seriously.  I was a little afraid at first it might cause the glass to be opaque but turns out, it dries clear.  When I had a nice coat, I started at the top and laid the fabric in.  The best way I can describe it is to use the same sort of technique as you would to put a window cling on your car.  You start at the top and slowly move down, pressing the air out as you go.  I have noticed the air bubbles have continued to pop up, so I am continuing to press them out.  I am hoping this stops soon.

Three more times and, voila!  A cabinet I can make a mess of without our dinner friends judging me.  I'm pretty pleased.  In fact, it may encourage me to do more projects.  We have a dresser we are hoping to spruce up for the little one:).  We'll see.

 Just so you can see it, here's what the fabric looks like from the inside.  I plan to use my box cutter to trim out the excess once its had a few days to settle.

 And look how happy we are now that no one can see our spaghetti!  Or maybe we are just always this happy.

Here's to creativity!

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