Friday, April 1, 2011

Rollin In It (Paperwork, that is)

Well, the Horns weren't kidding.  The paperwork just keeps coming and coming.  We will quickly be moving out of our dinky folder and into a giant plastic box.  We received information yesterday about beginning our home study.  For those who aren't adoption gurus (so almost everyone, myself included), the home study is the part of the process where a social worker meets with the family to discuss the process and help prepare the family for the changes lying ahead.  Of course, the social worker also must "approve" the family for adoption but from what I've heard, the process much more about preparation and asking questions than it is a true "stamp of approval."  I am looking forward to it and also incredibly nervous about it.

With the home study introduction came sixteen (SIXTEEN) attachments to read and answer.  This includes 24 questions Hubs and I each have to answer them in paragraph form and turn them into our social worker.  The questions range from easy to though-provoking.  That's just the tip of the paper iceberg.  I am excited to get my thoughts onto paper and I know the discussion will be useful.  Still, just to look at the packet, it's pretty overwhelming.  We plan to get a jump start on it this weekend and go from there.

For now, we cooking a great dinner and marinating on the questions (and some mushrooms) before we answer anything on paper.

They don't call it a paper pregnancy for nothin.

Here's to paperwork!


  1. Go girl! Get that stuff done as fast as you can. We were pretty slow. Who is your social worker? We used Nikki from KC and she was stinking amazing. I want to be her friend forever :)

  2. Jess! This is so exciting! I was surprised to see your name on Liz's blog. Congratulations and prayers with you and your husband as you begin the long process of adopting!