Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doing Things Grown Ups Do

Today, for the very first time in my adult life, I went garage sale-ing.  Yes.  I decided if I am going to try to be thrifty during this long journey toward parenthood, garage sale-ing might be a good way to score some bargains.  Hubs used to go with his mom and he was no less than pleased as punch.  We perused Craigslist, set our alarm, woke early, and set out on our first journey.


Two hours later, zilch.  I did learn some things, however.  First of which is that garage sales are hard to find.  The signs aren't always helpful, either.  We did hit up a few but found absolutely nothing we "needed" short of a circular saw out of our price range.  I also learned that not all garage sale item are bargains.  I did find a stroller that seemed promising, but its asking price was only $25 bucks less than retail.  Pass.

So I am not certain I want to continue on this little experiment.  In the category of good news, however, we got to spend some quality time together and even turned in some baby paperwork on our way home.  Quality time seems to be hard to come by these days, where most of the time we're at home we're reading adoption books or filling out adoption forms.  Luckily, we've committed to having a date night tonight.  I look forward to that!

For now, I'm off to more forms!

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  1. a lot of times you can bargain with the person running the garage sale! hopefully that helps!