Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbyes and Hello

This post was all but finished last week when my I got distracted, it timed out, and I was too exhausted to start it over.

And so.

Last week, I had two sets of goodbyes at work.  I said goodbye to my assistantship, the people who helped me through two incredibly tough years.  We've laughed together, we've cried together, we've had so much Starbucks together it's just ridiculous.  More than anything, though, I feel like I shared life and work with the people in my office.  Two years, and as suddenly as it started, it ended. We had lunch, I was showered (I mean seriously--my new office is full of cool stuff now) with gifts, and I had just enough time to clean out my cubicle.  I may have shed some tears as I took my schedule off the wall.  Still, it was a great two years.

The problem for a sentimental schmuck like me with having two jobs is once you've said your goodbyes in one position, you have to go to the next place and do it all over again.  I arrived Friday morning to flowers, neon cupcakes, sweet cards, and the people who have watched me grow to a newbie to a seasoned professional who (almost) has a master's degree.  How do you say goodbye to people who have watched me move from a newlywed to a nearlymom?  It's hard. Very, very hard.  Lucky for me, that office is always busy.  I was able to slip out without the host of official "goodbyes." I left, flowers and cupcakes in hand, and went to my next busy activity.  It could have been so much harder.  The hard part has been this week, knowing I am truly done seeing my friends each day at work.  I don't know that I'll ever get over my love for admissions and my people there.  My gratitude overflows for the things I learned there.

And that leads us to this week.  If you have been pondering my lack of updates (doubtful) I will put your worries to rest.  I have not been posting because I am three weeks from graduation and training for a new job at the same time.  Impossible, you say?  I'm starting to think so too.  Nonetheless, it's only three weeks. I can do anything for three weeks.  Like, finish two major projects and learn an entirely new field.  Yeah, no problem.  Somewhere in there, we're going to try to get fingerprinted for the adoption.

Speaking of the adoption, yes, we are still working on it!  We finished our first home study appointment last week.  I look forward to chatting more, just as soon as I don't feel brain dead.

Here's to a little rest (hopefully) on this Easter weekend.

He is risen, indeed.

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