Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break for Grown-Ups

Hubs and I just returned from our "Spring Break" trip to Chicago.  We have also been calling it "the babymoon" even though it could be two years or so before we have a little person here.  This was a completely selfish trip with no reason except to see friends and spoil ourselves.  We know those times are quickly coming to an end, as we begin to save save save for our little person.  Spring break was delightful. We spent much of our time just enjoying the company of our friends and doing a lot of relaxing.  We also managed to squeeze in some sightseeing.  Here, in photos, is what we did for 5 days.

We walked past Wrigley Field.  Kyle (one of our local friends) clued us into the gates on the backside where you can see the field.  It was a very fun view that I didn't get a picture of.

Our friends Melissa and Stewart took us to cocktails on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building.  I am now convinced there isn't a more beautiful way to enjoy the city.

Here we are in the Hancock, snuggly.

One of the 20 pictures I took of the gorgeous view of Chicago.  I'll spare you the other 19 photos of the exact same thing.  Weird fact:  the best view (and photo-taking spot) is the bathroom!

We did ride the el a few times.  Here, Melissa shows us how to hang on like a true Chicagoan.  Meanwhile, I am sitting on the bench taking pictures like a true tourist.

A lucky part of vacationing with a local: getting to know delightful spots you'd never find as a tourist.  Case in point: The Southport Grocer.  Not only did they have the best cupcakes ever (and a great lunch menu) but they also are pretty much the cutest cafe.

The ladies went salsa dancing at Nacional 26.  I learned how to use my new iphone photo app.

I'll close with this beaut.  He's all mine ladies!

We couldn't be happier to be home, but our 5 days in Chicago were exactly the refresher we needed before heading home to a productive week.

Here's to Spring Break in Chicago!

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  1. Looks like a blast! Glad you all enjoyed some time away! You are right, it becomes much harder once kids are in the picture :)