Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Man Monday

Well Hello Little Man,

We are officially waiting. Waiting. Weeks. Months. Years. And all we have to wait with are our dreams of you, sweet little one.  This weekend, we traveled to Memphis. Your dad and I both ran 13.1 miles. In fact, both of your grandparents did, too. We all are a little crazy, I know, but we love it. We thought of you and wondered who you would hang out with on future trips when we go to Memphis to run for the kids at the hospital. We decided that your Uncle Pete or Uncle Mark probably need to get married so their wives could play with you. We keep hoping...:).

Christmas is coming up. I can't wait to spend Christmas with you and make new traditions and rekindle old ones. I want to have an advent calendar where we mark off the days we wait for Jesus' birth together. I also imagine you and I will make quite a few mean batches of Christmas cookies. I love to bake cookies. I will let you lick the beaters; don't worry about what your dad says. We'll have a blast. We can make sugar cookies and the ones that taste like heath bars, the chocolate peanut butter kisses, and as soon as you have a favorite cookie, we'll make those too.  You can sit on the counter just like your grandma used to let me do. We'll listen to Christmas music together. I wonder what your favorite Christmas song will be.  I have a feeling our first Christmas with you will be like re-experiencing Christmas for the very first time all over again. I want to see it through your eyes--the wonder and the joy. Our time will come soon enough, though it really can't be soon enough for me.

Little man, it's starting to get cold here. We all have to bundle up with big puffy coats and hats and mittens to go outside. I know I don't know what you look like but I can already picture how adorable you will be in your winter coat and hat. Your Aunt M. has promised to make you a cute animal-shaped fleece hat. I've seen so many cute ones lately. Giraffes. Sock Monkeys. Cute puffy balls on top of knit hats. I have a feeling you'll have several to choose from. I picture your cute, chubby cheeks smooshed somewhere in between the big coat and the warm hat and I can't help but smile. It's enough to make me swoon for my little man.

I am off to bed, IC, to pray that you will be with us soon and that we won't spend too many more Christmases without you. Whether you know it or not, we've got all kids of love for you. We'll see you soon.  In the eternal sense, anyway.


Mom (and Dad)

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