Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Man Monday

Little Man,

Hello on this fine Monday! Christmas is coming quickly, and as my bloggy friend Katie mentioned, Christmas while waiting for you is a whole different experience. We miss you, even without knowing who you are. Your dad and I went Christmas shopping this weekend and tried to finish our shopping for our family and friends. We couldn't help but get a little something for you while we were at it. So here it is, bud. Your first Christmas present from us:

His name is Teeter because he teeters on the ice. That means he kind of wobbles. He is so soft and cuddly and he looks just darling in your room. We'll keep him safe and warm in there until we get a chance to keep you safe and warm in there. He's just waiting for you, little one. 
I imagine, like Teeter, you will wobble on the ice when you get here. Surprisingly, the temperature in Ethiopia today is only about ten degrees warmer than it is here. We're having an unseasonably warm day. We do get snow and ice, little man, and I plan on putting you in a hat much like Teeter's. I think you'll be beyond cute. It will keep you warm, too, so it's a win-win.
For now, we think about you often and talk about you almost as much. We pray for you and for your birth family. We pray that you are loved and that God holds you when we cannot.

All our love, Little Man!



  1. I love Teeter!! What a great first Christmas gift!!

  2. Hey Jess! I feel like we need to be fb friends or at least exchange emails so we don't need to communicate via comments. =) What have you seen Dez on? Is it the Magic House thing? Feel free to delete this comment after you read it since it has nothing to do with your little man.