Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Man Monday

Hey there, Little Man!

Today I saw some cute blue and orange socks and I wanted so badly to get them for you. Since I don't know how big your cute little feet will be, it seems a little illogical to buy you socks. I wonder what your favorite colors will be--will you be a turquoise and orange fan, sticking to the bright, vibrant hues like your mommy? Will you be all about browns and olives like your dad? I have a feeling, at least for a while, you'll let me put you in fun and colorful clothes. I can't wait to shop for you. Just as soon as I know what size you will be, no one will be able to stop me:).

Our church has an advent devotional out and on Sunday, we talked about what kinds of animals might have been in the stable when Jesus was born. Christmas with you is going to be so fun. I can't wait til we can share animal sounds and talk about the amazing stuff that happened when Jesus was born.  We don't put Baby Jesus in our manger at home until Christmas Eve. I look forward to the first time that your chubby little hand gets to hold the delicate, porcelain baby and put him in his crib.  Christmas traditions with family make Christmas even more special. I used to love to lie under the Christmas tree in the morning, looking up at the lights sparkling above me. Little IC, I haven't done that in years, but your first Christmas here (and for as long as you'll let me) I hope we can lie under the tree together, looking up at the twinkling lights and share the message of the bright light that led the wise men to Jesus. Oh, the things you have to learn about Jesus. I don't feel adequate enough to tell you but I have a feeling He'll help me out.

Little man, Dad and I prayed for you just tonight at dinner. We prayed you would be safe and come home to us soon. We prayed for your birth family.  I also often pray God will prepare you for us.  And us for you.  It's a long road we have ahead of us, buddy, but it's the best of roads. The road of family.

I'll talk to you next week, IC. Until then, all my love.



  1. Hey Jess! Just blogged the link to the print in Dez's room! Glad you loved it! Can't wait to see how your story plays out!

  2. Just stopping in to say Hello! Love the notes to your little man - how cool to be able to share this with him one day.