Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Man Monday

Well hey, Little Man!

It's a Monday afternoon and I've been thinking all morning of what I would write you today.  I've been asked a lot lately what we know of you and when you are arriving. We don't know anything about you yet, including when you will arrive. Sometimes it's hard to answer these questions because I want to be at the point where I can tell them all about you or show them your picture. Alas, your picture may not even yet exist.  You know what's great though, Little Man? They truly want to know you. They want to be a part of your life and a part of your story. And even better? Almost every single one of these conversations ends by our friends and family saying they are praying for you.  You have quite the entourage praying for you!  I know the Lord hears every one of those prayers and he knows how desperately our family and community want you at home. And he'll bring you here, at just the right time.

Today in Ethiopia it is currently 61 degrees.  That sound lovely, Little Man. Here? Well, here it's 102. Yes, 102.  And i's been that way for a really long time.  Today's my day off and I am hunkered down inside, staying out of the heat.  And while Ethiopia is about to enter the rainy season, it hasn't really rained here in months.  The constantly changing, super different weather is just one example of how life will be really different when you arrive here.  Some things are obvious and others I am sure we won't realize til you get here. That's one of the reasons we'll cocoon at home until you've been here a little while--it will give us all a little time to get used to the differences.  Yes, all of us.

Life will be different for me too. Way different. Take today for example.  I just woke up from a nap.  My naps will probably be in short supply when you arrive.  As will my sleep at night.  You know what, though? I just can't wait. Even with all the changes I really look forward to how you will come in and turn our lives (and our hearts) upside down. We will never be the same. For the best.

Alright, sweat pea. I'll see you. Well, sometime.  Until then, we just pray and dream.




  1. These posts always make me cry. You are such a wonderful momma :)

    1. you are so kind. thank you for calling me a momma:).