Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Most-Watched Non-Live Event Ever

I don't know if I've ever expressed my love for the Olympics on here.  Here are some examples of my passion:

*In 1992 I had to go to bed during the ceremonies (I was 8 after all) so I had my best friend's mom tape them and we watched them Saturday morning over breakfast.

*In the 1994 olympics (not sure which one) I convinced my mom to put a TV in my bedroom so I could watch even when I went to bed. Though this may not be a big deal for today's generation of elementary kids, it was a BIG DEAL at the time. I mean, a tv in your bedroom? Unheard of.

*In the same olympics I remember freaking out because the radio was going to tell me how Nancy Kerrigan did and I didn't want it to be spoiled!

*I purchased the symphony soundtrack to the 1996 olympics and listened to it in my room on repeat. I also created a mix tape olympic themed routine and performed it at church camp that year. There was a toga, I remember a toga.

*In 1996 I taped EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of gymnastics coverage. I was so nervous in Kerry Strug's last vault that I ran upstairs and didn't watch. Don't worry- I rewound it. Also, it was replayed about six gazillion times.

*In our married years, E and I are known to always have on the olympics. This began because, well, we only had NBC for 2-3 years of our marriage. But we also both LOVE the olympics.

All that to say, guess what I'm doing for the next 17 days? Yeah, it's not hard to figure out.  We had the option to watch live theater last night but instead watched the opening ceremonies.  Big fan of the torch. And, this may not be a popular sentiment but, the rest of it? Eh.

Let's be honest, though, and admit that Beijing spoiled the olympic ceremonies for everyone ever.  I mean, really.  The torch lighting yesterday was stellar. And the fireworks were downright astounding.  But the giant Voldemort fighting the Mary Poppins army? I am sure it spoke to someone. But to me it just said, huh??

I am now watching cycling. I know nothing about cycling. But it's in the olympics and, dang it, I am going to watch it! Well, that, and I am nursing a case of plantar fasciitis so I am looking to keep myself busy while E goes on a run I desperately wish I was running.  I am going to run on Monday if it kills me. And it may. But we start our training schedule for the St. Jude marathon Monday and I don't intend to get behind.

In other news, we are dog sitting and it's the best thing to happen to Gabby in months. Scout and Gabs are best friends. Which means they run around my house snuggling and destroying things. And driving Rigo crazy--he keeps growling like a grumpy older sibling. And they say dogs don't prepare you for children. Sounds like a dog version of my mom's life in the mid 90s to me.   I was Rigo.

I hope your Saturday is filled with great olympics and is lacking destructive playmates and foot pain.

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